Florinca is a new type of Alstroemeria. These varieties are similar in cultivation as the regular Alstroemeria while showing a spray-like presentation.  With 15 to 30 buds stem, all stacked on top of each other, one stem can offer the ornamental value of multiple regular Alstroemeria stems. 

The innovation of these varieties has moved Royal FloraHolland to create a new product group for spray type Alstroemeria, called Florinca. Mandatory features of varieties to fit in this group are: At least 4 buds per peduncle, at least one flower opened and underdeveloped stamens.

The flowers are odorless and don't produce pollen which extends the vaselife to up to 4 weeks. Because of this long vaselife the flowers can be harvested at a later stage (with at least one flower open) which improves the colour intensity, opening of all buds and the presentation at the point-of-sale.

At the moment (June 2016) we have introduced 5 varieties to the market in 3 different colours; White, Red and Yellow. With further breeding we aim to complete the Florinca assortment with all colours.