What does Könst Alstroemeria do?

Könst Alstroemeria is a company specialising solely in the selection, breeding, and propagation of alstroemeria plants for cut flower- and garden plant production . We supply professional growers throughout the world with our young plants.

Who are the customers of Könst Alstroemeria?

Our customers are all professional growers and they are located throughout the world.

In which parts of the world does Könst Alstroemeria sell its products?

Basically, we sell in all parts of the world. In some countries, we are not yet active but we are always open to this possibility. Naturally, we hesitate to sell in areas were illegal propagation is more the rule than the exception.

Do I have to pay royalties for growing Könst Alstroemeria varieties?

You will have to pay royalties for growing any of the Könst Alstroemeria varieties.

Do I have to sign a Plant Variety Rights contract when I want to buy young plants from Könst Alstroemeria?

All varieties (cut flower and garden varieties) of Könst Alstroemeria are protected by the Plant Variety Rights agreement, for all cut flower varieties> you have to sign a contract. One of the articles in this contract states that the grower is not allowed to propagate the plants.

Where can I see the Könst Alstroemeria products on the web site?

Where can I see the Könst Alstroemeria cut flower varieties being grown?

In the Netherlands, you can Always visit our nursery which has a greenhouse showing our varieties. There you can see how our newest varieties grow. You can also see which new varieties are coming up in our breeding section.

Where do I go to visit Könst Alstroemeria?

How do I get in contact with Könst Alstroemeria?

How do I cultivate Alstroemeria on a professional basis?

For a general explanation on our website. Please contact us if you want more detailed and specific information.